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    3 Step Kit

    Gift the gift of Fabulous Feet in 3 simple steps. Show someone how much you care by leaving them feeling like they are walking on air. Perfect for men and women and anyone with feet in need of some pampering. The perfect set for simple and effective foot maintenance at home. Just three steps and a very small amount of your time will transform the feet. The Margaret Dabbs 3 Step Kit contains the Professional Foot File, Exfoliating Foot Mousse 100ml and Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion 200ml.
  • The Margaret Dabbs London Crystal Nail File is slim and elegant but most importantly, effective to use. When you use this Crystal Nail File you will immediately experience a smoother, finer finish to your nails. The fine, highest quality abrasive crystal finish protects the nails, making them less prone to splitting and can be used on both finger and toe nails.
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    This simple stylish set contains a 50ml version of the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion and Hydrating Foot Soak, a 30ml Intensive Treatment Foot Oil and 30ml Exfoliating Foot Mousse. All products are housed in bottles and jars replicating that of the main range product sizes. These are perfectly sized to take to the gym for everyday use or travelling, as well as being the perfect gift. Who is it best for?
    • Dry dehydrated grey lifeless skin
    • Calloused
    • Scaly skin
    • Tired aching legs and feet
    • Suitable for all skin types, pregnancy, diabetics, and men and women
  • With ground Tea Tree Leaf and Pumice, this concentrated rich, creamy textured Foot Mousse will scrub feet to perfection. The active ingredients of the Exfoliating Foot Mousse will help to remove the layers of dead skin while the Emu Oil rehydrates and deeply nourishes the skin. Who is it best for?
    • Perfect as a hygiene measure for sweat prone feet
    • Broken or scaly skin
    • Dull lifeless grey skin
    • Suitable for all skin types, pregnancy, diabetics, men and women
  • A gentle creamy exfoliator that combines the buffing effect of orange peel and jojoba beads to cleanse the hands of dead dry skin cells and replenish with emu oil for hydration. Packed with emollients and plant extracts to maintain the moisture levels of the skin and scented with geranium and mandarin.
  • Discover our capsule collection of best-selling products for beautiful hands. The stylish kit includes travel size versions of the Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion, Nourishing Hand Wash, Exfoliating Hand Scrub and Hand Sanitiser. Key ingredients of Emu Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Seaweed Extract and White Water Lily work to visibly reduce signs of ageing, hydrate and protect all skin types. Perfect for your handbag or gym kit, travelling or as a fabulous gift.
  • The Margaret Dabbs Replacement Foot Pads contains 10 long-lasting, compressed crystal technology self-adhesive replacement foot pads, to be used in conjunction with the Margaret Dabbs Professional Foot File. To change worn replacement foot pads, peel back the used pad and replace with new self-adhesive replacement, pressing firmly into position on the file. Clean foot file with a damp nail brush, and dab dry with a towel. Do not immerse or leave foot file in water. Who is it best for?
    • Anyone with callus build up
    • Very dry cracked skin
    • Hard skin
    • Men and women
  • This ‘miracle in a jar’ multi-tasking Foot Hygiene Cream has been expertly formulated by Margaret to combat athlete’s foot and the symptoms associated with it. Relieves itchy, painful and blistered skin, helps to neutralise foot odour and is suitable for use on nails and to treat verrucas. The rich, balm texture deeply hydrates making it excellent for dry, cracked skin. Active ingredients of Salicylic Acid and Benzoic Acid work to target infection and remove dead skin cells quickly and effectively. Includes the ‘Fabulous Feet’ key ingredient of Emu Oil, rich in omega fatty acids to nourish, renew and soothe the skin. Tea Tree helps to protect with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Ideal for everyone, especially sports lovers and those with sweat prone feet. The perfect daily hygiene measure to keep feet fit, healthy and protected.  
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    Foot Wipes

    Designed for use when out and about, travelling and for those who love bare feet. These expertly formulated Foot Cleansing Wipes keep feet feeling fresh, clean and hydrated. Infused with cooling and anti-bacterial Witch Hazel, Apple and Willow Bark extracts as well as Lemon Myrtle to neutralise foot odour and provide an energising scent. Emu Oil hydrates, softens and soothes dry, tired and inflamed skin. Wipes come in a handy and secure re-sealable packet making them ideal for on the go. Suitable for all skin types.
  • This mandarin and geranium scented hand protection spray forms a very thin, transparent yet breathable film to help protect hands and nails from drying and ageing.
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    A creamy, luxurious foot soak formulated to immediately soothe fatigued, inflamed and uncomfortable feet and ankles. Renowned for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, key ingredient Emu Oil helps to relieve bone and joint inflammation. Rich in omegas, the Emu Oil deeply nourishes and hydrates dry, cracked skin in need of nourishment. Lemon Myrtle provides anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits to protect the skin from infection as well as provide a beautiful, fresh fragrance. Can be used as often as desired and double up as a luxurious bath soak for a relaxing treat.
  • Hydrating Hand Sanitiser

    The Hydrating Hand Sanitiser is a unique hand sanitiser with antibacterial properties. A luxurious product enriched with with emu oil and plant extracts of white water lily. Leaves hands feeling hydrated, clean and refreshed.
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    Winner of the CEW Award for Best Hand, Foot or Nail Care Product. This hand serum is expertly formulated for its anti-ageing benefits with antioxidants. Fast absorbing and light, this serum will reduce the visible signs of ageing of the hands, improve the appearance and quality of the skin, reduce age spots and create an even skin tone. Gently scented with geranium and mandarin, and enriched with Lupinus Albus Seed Extract to improve skin elasticity and firmness it leaves hands visibly silky, smooth and replenished.
  • This multi-award winning Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion has gained global hero status thanks to its transformative results. The luxurious foot cream is absorbed immediately in to the feet leaving them instantly hydrated, silky smooth and illuminated. With continuous use, helps to reduce the build-up of calloused, hard, scaly skin. The key ingredient, Emu Oil, is renowned for its natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties as well as containing an abundance of omega oils. Lemon Myrtle maintains the health and hygiene of the feet with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties while also providing a refreshing scent.
  • Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion

    A luxurious treatment enriched hand lotion to repair, protect and hydrate skin and nails while targeting signs of ageing. Known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, Emu oil, Hempseed oil and Seaweed extract also help plump skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase firmness, elasticity and collagen levels. White Water Lily boosts skin’s hydration and ability to retain moisture, replenishing even the most chapped, dry, sore skin. Apply the lotion daily as often as desired- with its beautiful Geranium and Mandarin scent and silky texture, you’ll want to keep it with you to use at all times.  
  • A unique dry oil, which instantly treats and transforms very dehydrated, cracked, broken skin and nails giving long lasting nourishment and moisture, results are instantly visible. The Intensive Treatment Foot Oil spray applicator makes this light but powerful oil a joy to use. With the signature ingredient of Emu Oil and the scent of lemon myrtle this product has gained global cult status. Who is it best for?
    • Dry feet with fine or thin skin
    • Broken or scaly skin
    • Anyone looking for instant and long lasting results from dehydration of the skin of the feet
    • Suitable for all skin types, pregnancy, diabetics, men and women
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    The beautiful leather-encased Margaret Dabbs London bespoke Manicure & Pedicure Set includes a hand-picked selection of our premium tools to keep your hands & feet looking perfectly finished and groomed. Elegant brushed stainless steel implements are designed to maintain sharpness and precision, for even and effortless cutting, together with convenient travel sizes of our renowned Super Shiner Buffer, Crystal Nail File and Professional Foot File.
  • This rich, foaming hand wash gently cleanses, hydrates and softens the skin and is formulated with Hempseed and Olive oils to moisturise, soothe and protect the skin barrier all with the added scent of Mandarin and Geranium.
  • The Nail and Cuticle Serum is a unique formulation of Emu and Tea Tree Oils to treat and help keep nail infections away. Strengthens, protects and hydrates nails and cuticles. Perfect for finger and toe nails, and packed in a handy handbag sized bottle, with an easy to use pump applicator.
  • The new pin point dispenser ensures exact precision; giving an even application every time with no wastage. From the first application, the serum’s unique formulation with Emu and Tea Tree oils helps to transform dry, damaged nails & cuticles and effectively treats and protects against infection.  
  • Known as the Rolls-Royce of foot files, our multi-award winning foot file is the ultimate tool for achieving professional results at home. Effective on dry, hard, calloused, scaly and even cracked skin and toes, the file uses innovative Crushed Crystal Technology to ensure a smooth, even and long lasting finish while its stainless steel body with long handle makes it so easy to use and reach around the foot. Created to be used alongside the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion to visibly reduce hard skin build up and leave feet soft and smooth. Designed using Crushed Crystal Technology to give a smooth, even finish and superior, long lasting results.
  • A fine, lightweight powder created to control perspiration, foot odour and soothe uncomfortable skin. Delicately blends Lemon Myrtle and Tea Tree Oil to provide a fresh, invigorating aroma and protect the skin from fungal and bacterial infections. Vitamin E and our signature ingredient, Emu Oil, work to deeply nourish, heal and provide relief to itchy, inflamed skin. Ideal for all skin types.
  • This sun protection spray, factor 30, for hands blocks harmful UV rays from the sunlight and is blended with pure emu and argan oils, known for their anti-ageing properties, skin nourishment and protection. Mandarin and geranium scented, it forms a very thin, transparent, yet breathable film to shield hands and nails from drying and ageing.
  • The Margaret Dabbs Super Shiner Buffer is an easy to use and highly effective buffer. Unique tiny crystal technology, sets the Margaret Dabbs Super Shiner apart. Using the Margaret Dabbs Super Shiner Buffer will instantly shine and illuminate your nails, leaving a long lasting healthy and shiny sheen.


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