Online Skin Consultation

A skin consultation with a skin specialist is key when it comes to finding a skincare programme  to suit you. No two skins are the same so a tailor made programme will deliver the best results. 

Every first visit to the clinic starts with a skin consultation.  This is done to give both a professional skin analysis and to ascertain your own concerns and goals for your skin.

We truly believe in the importance of the right daily home care and will spend time making sure your plan is bespoke to your skin.

The consultation takes 20- 30 minutes and will include an in-depth skin analysis, product and treatment recommendations. The cost of this consultation is €30.

Tips for best results:

👉On the day of your appointment we ask that you cleanse your skin the morning of the consultation and apply no moisturisers, serums or makeup. This gives us a clear view of your skin in its natural state.  Freshly cleansed skin can remove surface oils that are important for us to see as part of the consultation.

👉We also ask that you bring along any products you are currently using on your skin. Whenever possible we will try to work with the products that you have and may add some recommendations suitable to your skin.

👉We advise a photo to be taken on day 1 and monthly afterwards to monitor changes.

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