Callus Peel

This gentle yet very effective treatment is designed to be added to any of our pedicures. Skin softener is applied and covered for is 15 – 20 minutes. It effectively dissolves and softens hard skin so then callus is simply peeled away leaving skin nice and soft! Recommended for anyone who suffers with dry, cracked or calloused feet.

For optimum results avoid swimming and water treatments 30 minutes prior to the treatment and continue with the advised home care plan.

  • Removes callus just like orange peel!
  • Softens hard calluses quickly.
  • Scrape & file them away.
  • Leaves skin soft & clean.
  • Get flip-flop feet in 20 minutes!

Note: Your therapist will assess the condition of your feet and determine whether she thinks you will need more than one treatment to receive desired result.

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The Lycon Pedi - Touch & Glow Beauty
The Lycon Pedi - Touch & Glow Beauty

The Lyco’ Pedi Professional Pedicure System from Lycon is a carefully formulated series of treatments with the ideal combination of ingredients to provide the perfect pedicure. It uses hardworking natural vitamins and botanical extracts and is fortified with the intense hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid, Fruit AHAs and Shea Butter.

The Lycon Pedicure system also has the added benefit of marine collagen, Vitamin E antioxidant and Pro Vitamin B5 (Panthenol). Lyco’Pedi incudes premium synergistic blends which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimise radical damage and invigorate the skin’s appearance and feel. It delivers beautiful, completely rejuvenated feet.

Lycon Pedicure System

The Lycon pedicure is based around six scientifically formulated products to re-energise your body, mind and soul:

Step 1 – lyco’pedi refreshing soak
Step 2 – lyco’pedi sugar scrub
Step 3 – lyco’pedi callus remover
Step 4 – lyco’pedi massage lotion
Step 5 – lyco’pedi hydrating mask
Step 6 – lyco’pedi smoothing cream

The Lycon pedicure signature foot treatment from Touch and Glow uses these products to rejuvenate your feet, starting with cleaning the foot, and then working on the nails to ensure they are shaped and trimmed to your requirements.

We then soak your feet for a few minutes before removing calluses and pushing back the cuticles – buffing your heels smooth with a pedi paddle. An exfoliation and massage follows, before we apply a hydrating mask and finally a smoothing cream.

The treatment takes one hour and 15 and is €59 per session.

Callus Peel - Touch & Glow Beauty